Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Applying Mirror on a Fabric

Use this stitch to attach any round or oval object, such as coins, mirrors, etc.

Step 1. Working over the mirror, come up at A, go down at B, up at C, across and down at D, up at E, down at F, and up at G.

Step 2. Pass needle under thread A-B and go down at H to form a diamond-shaped grid, coming up at I.

Step 3. Go down at J, come up at K, down at L, up at M, down at N, and up at O. Pass needle under parallel vertical threads and go down at P. Fasten off.

Step 4. Come up at Q, take needle under and back over intersection of vertical and diagonal stitches. Go down at R, up at S with thread under needle point. Pull through.

Step 5. Repeat Step 4. weaving over and under crossed threads until edge of mirror is securely held.

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