Friday, October 5, 2012

Heavy Chain Stitch

Heavy Chain Stitch is also known as Heavy Braid Chain Stitch. This is a heavy line stitch, which is useful for creating a well-defined outline. Heavy chain stitches can be worked in any direction.

Step 1. Come up at A and go down at B to make a small straight stitch at end of line to be worked. Come up at C.

Step 2. Slide needle from right to left through small stitch without picking up background fabric. Go down next to C.

Step 3. Come up at D; slide needle through small stitch again. Go down next to D to make two chains in one stitch.

Step 4. Come up at E; slide needle right to left through last two chains; go down next to E. Repeat to make second chain.

Step 5. Repeat from Step 4., sliding needle through two chains at a time. Keep thread tension even to work loops evenly.

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