Friday, October 5, 2012

Basket Filling Stitch

Basket Filling Stitch is also known as Basket Satin Stitch. Four horizontal and four vertical straight stitches, all of equal length, are worked in adjacent blocks. This stitch works best on even weave fabrics.

Step 1. Come up at A, go down at B, and up at C as shown to work block of horizontal straight stitches.

 Step 2. Complete four stitches, coming up at G and going down at H. Come up at I, ready to work next block.

Step 3. Repeat block, placing stitches vertically: go down at J, up at K, and so on. Keep stitches evenly spaced.

Step 4. Complete four vertical stitches, coming up at O and going down at P. Come up at Q as shown.

Step 5. Repeat block of horizontal stitches. Make sure that stitches are of equal length to keep block shapes regular.

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