Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chequered Chain Band

Chequered Chain Band is worked downwards to create a band. Use as a border, or place bands of stitches side by side as a filling stitch. Create the bi-color effect by using two needles threaded in different colors and worked alternately down the band.

Step 1. Work column of horizontal straight stitches as shown. Tie off. Then thread two needles with doubled length of thread in each, one light, one dark.

Step 2. Bring dark thread out at A; bring out light thread under horizontal stitch and between two dark strands. Carry dark thread to left, under light thread.

Step 3. Insert needle with dark thread under second horizontal stitch as shown, and then carry it under dark thread but over light thread.

Step 4. Pull needle through. The band should now look like this. As you work, always keep dark thread to left and light thread to right.

Step 5. Repeat Step 3. and 4., this time inserting needle with light thread under horizontal stitch and dark thread. Continue, alternating two needles.

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