Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cretan Stitch

Cretan Stitch is also known as Persian Stitch or Quill Stitch or Long-armed Feather Stitch. This stitch is particularly useful for filling shapes and creating lines. Work from alternate sides of the shape to fill it. Draw guidelines on your fabric before beginning.

Step 1. Come up at A, go down at B and up at C, keeping working thread under needle point.

Step 2. Go down at D, following motif outline, come up at E, keeping working thread under needle.

Step 3. Go down a short distance at F, coming up at G with thread under needle point as shown.

Step 4. Go down at H and then come up at I, again keeping thread under needle point as shown.

Step 5. Continue in this way. Vary size of stitch by extending or shortening the central crossover.

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