Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ladder Stitch

Ladder Stitch is also known as Open Chain or Step Stitch or Ladder Hemstitch. It is usually best to work this border stitch in a frame in order to keep the loops neat and even. Draw guidelines on the fabric before beginning.

Step 1. Come up at A, cross over, and go down at B. Come up at C and go down at D, below B. Come up at E as shown.

Step 2. Slide needle from top to bottom under long stitch and over working thread. Pull to form knot at left of first long stitch.

Step 3. Slide needle from right to left behind right-hand knot. Do not pick up background fabric.

Step 4. Pull thread through and go down at F, coming up at G. Keep the thread tension even.

Step 5. Slide needle behind left-hand knot from right to left. Do not pick up background fabric. Repeat from Step 3.

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