Sunday, October 7, 2012

Petal Stitch

Petal Stitch is also known as Pendant Chain Stitch. This line stitch looks very attractive when worked in circles. The chain loops hang off a rope of stem stitches to create pendant effect.

Step 1. Come up at A, go down at B, and up at C, following guideline and keeping thread to the left as shown.

Step 2. Pull thread through. Go down next to C and come up at D with working thread under needle to create loop.

Step 3. Pull thread through and go down at E, making a small stitch to secure loop. Come up at F.

Step 4. Go down at G; come up at H. Pull through. Go down next to H and up at I as shown.

Step  5. Repeat from Step 3. to form a line of stitches. Work carefully to keep stitching even.

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