Friday, October 5, 2012

Two-sided Insertion Stitch

Resembling a row of elongated star shapes, this stitch is generally used for decorative borders rather than joining two pieces of fabric. Back of stitch forms lattice pattern, so it is reversible.

Step 1. Come up at A and go down at B to form a long diagonal stitch. Come up at C, cross over to go down at D, and then come up again at C.

Step 2. Go down at E and come up at B, making a horizontal stitch as shown. Stitch exactly on the guidelines.

Step 3. Go down at F and come up at D. Make sure that stitch B-F is the same length as stitch A-B.

Step 4. Go down at E again to form a triangle, and come up  again at D to complete inner triangle.

Step 5. Go down at G, making a horizontal stitch. Come up at F, ready to begin next star.

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