Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Flat Stitch

Similar to Fishbone Stitch, here slightly slanted stitches cross to form a wide central wedge. Draw guidelines before you begin.
Step 1. Come up at A, go down at B and come up at C, working accurately to guidelines as shown.

Step 2. Cross over stitch A-B and go down at D. Pull thread through. Let the motif shape determine slant of stitches.

Step 3. Come up at E, just above A, following outline of motif. Pull thread through, ready for next stitch.

Step 4. Cross over and go down at F. You can pack stitches tightly or allow fabric to show, depending on desired effect.

Step 5. Continue in this way until outline is completely filled, to create dense texture, pack stitches tightly together.

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