Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beadwork stitches

Attach your beads individually, or use a couching technique to stitch on rows of beads at a time. The mirror technique can be used to secure any flat, round, or oval object.

Sewing on beads
There are two main methods of applying beads. Stitch them onto the fabric individually (top) or, if using a pre-threaded row (bottom), use a couching technique.

1. Sewing single bead
Come up through the fabric and bead. Then go down through fabric, come up and place next bead on needle. Repeat, making small backstitch every 4-5 stitches for security. Stitching each bead twice also holds bead firmly.

2. Couching beads
Come up through fabric. Pick up a row of beads, go down at end of row and anchor thread. Come up at A, cross thread between first two beads and go down at B. Repeat along row to secure beads, couching between every third or fourth bead.

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