Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guilloche Stitch

The name derives from a term used in architecture for an ornamental border containing two or more interwoven wavy lines. Used to create a decorative band, Guilloche stitch can include several different thread types.
Step 1. Work two parallel lines of stem stitch, keeping stitching even. You may want to use guidelines.

Step 2. Between lines, work evenly spaced vertical bands, each consisting of three satin stitches.

Step 3. Starting at the left, lace contrasting thread through first band and then through second, picking up background fabric. Continue across row.

Step 4. Repeat in opposite direction, taking care not to split existing threads. If you wish, choose contrasting thread to add interest to the design.

Step 5.  Work a French Knot at the center of each circle formed by the lacing as shown, using a new thread color id desired.

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