Friday, October 5, 2012

Knotted Cable Stitch

Knotted Cable Stitch is also known as Knotted Cable Chain Stitch. This decorative line stitch is a combination of chain stitch and coral stitch. Draw a guideline before you begin.

Step 1. Come up at A, go down at B, and up at C. Carry thread over needle and then back under needle point as shown. Pull thread to form knot.

Step 2. Slide needle under the stitch between A and the knot just worked, bottom to top, as shown. Do not pierce background fabric.

Step 3. Pull thread through. Go down at D behind knot, then come up at E. Keep working thread under needle point. Pull through to make chain stitch.

Step 4. Go down at F, come up at G, and take working thread over needle and under needle point as shown. Pull through to form knot.

Step 5. Repeat Steps 2-4 to continue working along design line, completing row of linked chain and coral stitches with a small straight stitch.

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